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Regarding the written word ...
Some time ago, we saw that our eyes saw things that others didn't see. I imagine that sounds a little funny. Actually, it was meant to be just that ... and to encourage a smile. We remembered the past generations, observed the present ones and discerned that the future ones, with their reliance on technology, were slowly allowing the "written word" to risk entering into an endangered species status. Grammar and its specifically-related mechanics were becoming optional as the trust in a "spellcheck" feature grew in its hoped-for accuracy. We perceived that one possible dilemma was a blatant "Shh!-Don't-tell" secret that people often don't write because they lack confidence, skilled knowledge or time. We understood that everybody doesn't understand. At that very moment, the proverbial light bulb lighted itself. We realized we have a viable solution.  
We wear many hats. As an instructor, we have proofed a gazillion reports, term papers and the like, and tutored and taught enumerable students how to, not only write, but to, more importantly respect its value. As an active participant in the business community, we have written, revised and submitted more than enough resumes. As a writer and editor, we have produced many, many newsletters and middle school yearbooks. As an author, we have published several books, written in varying genres. In short, w
e have the gift of "Know how!" Before the light bulb's power was turned off, a decision was made.  We have The WRITE STUFF for you!  Let's re-adjust our thinking caps and share that gift!  (And, by the way, the "we" is "me," who finally agreed with her inner self to move the "me" to the flipside, "The We Side," allowing God to be the C.E.O. of this writing corporation!)
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